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How do you feel about GPMP Enduro Round at Sun Peaks?

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The GPMP Enduro Round was a great success. We had 178 riders, with more than 40 pros. The course was excellent, the riders had a lot of fun and it was spectacular for the spectators to watch. Big thanks to everyone involved, we are looking forward to have you all back here again soon!!!!

Day 1

OVERALL PRO: 1. Bobby Prochnau (KTM); 2. Jason Schrage (HON); 3. Geoff Nelson (KTM); 4. Ben Rego (HSB); 5. Shane Cuthbertson (HSB); 6. Brian Wojnarowski (YAM); 7. Guy Giroux (HSQ); 8. Ryan Graffunder (HSQ); 9. Malcolm Hett (KTM); 10. Jack Sawatzky (KTM); 11. Jarret May (KTM); 12. Phillipe Chaine (HSQ); 13. Chris Van Hove (GG); 14. Nathan Knox (SUZ); 15. Tim Dyck (KTM); 16. Tyler Murray (HON); 17. Brock Hoyer (KAW); 18. Dan Watt (HSB); 19. Nick Graffunder (HSQ); 20. Trevor Todd (HSQ);

OVERALL JR: 1. Mike Laycraft (HSB); 2. Avery Turner (KTM); 3. Mike Opper (KTM); 4. Bernie Bykerk (KTM); 5. Kyle Puhlmann (KTM); 6. Wayne Riemer (HON); 7. Shilo Duthie (KTM); 8. Lloyd Schlosser (KTM); 9. Ty Mckenna (KTM); 10. Cole Dobovich (HSB); 11. Andrew Watson (GG); 12. Jordan Hett (KAW); 13. Trevor Turner (KTM); 14. Jay Mcgregor (HSB); 15. Aaron Richardson (KTM); 16. Mark Yaschuk (HSB); 17. Micheal Dobovich (KTM); 18. Ryan Linderman (KAW); 19. Scott Kershaw (YAM); 20. Sig Demoulin (KTM)

E3 PRO: 1. Geoff Nelson (KTM); 2. Ryan Graffunder (HSQ); 3. Malcolm Hett (KTM); 4. Chris Van Hove (GG); 5. Thomas Cordner (GG)

E2 PRO: 1. Bobby Prochnau (KTM); 2. Jason Schrage (HON); 3. Ben Rego (HSB); 4. Shane Cuthbertson (HSB); 5. Brian Wojnarowski (YAM)

E1 PRO: 1. Phillipe Chaine (HSQ); 2. Nathan Knox (SUZ); 3. Tyler Murray (HON); 4. Nick Graffunder (HSQ); 5. Ryan Gauld (YAM)

VET PRO: 1. Dan Watt (HSB); 2. Trevor Todd (HSQ); 3. Mark Cahill (KTM); 4. Bob Reed (KTM); 5. Scott Kinakin (KTM)

A ADV: 1. Mike Laycraft (HSB); 2. Avery Turner (KTM); 3. Mike Opper (KTM); 4. Bernie Bykerk (KTM); 5. Kyle Puhlmann (KTM)

B INT: 1. Brayden Methot (KTM); 2. Brandon Shaw (KTM); 3. Robert Mckenna (KTM); 4. Matt Coonfer (GG); 5. Travis Dunbar (KAW)

C NOV: 1. Cole Wilton (KTM); 2. Blake Watkinson (HSQ); 3. Florian Willer (HSB); 4. Caleb Bachura (YAM); 5. Jeff Goodwin (KTM)

VET AM: 1. Ken Anderson (GG); 2. Howard Lawrence (KTM); 3. Paul Bugden (KTM); 4. Tommy Williams (GG); 5. Terry Ingram (KTM)

SUP VET: 1. Ken Dyck (KTM); 2. Ron Schlosser (KTM); 3. Craig Murray (HON); 4. David Sheridan (KTM); 5. Jean-Marie Breau (GG)

WOMEN: 1. Heather Wall (GG); 2. Chantelle Bykerk (KTM); 3. Bree Taber (KTM); 4. Lexi Pechout (HSQ); 5. Deb Gilbert (KTM)

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